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Empowering Perspectives (EP) is a free monthly speaker series designed to nurture our innate desire for personal connections, foster every member’s personal growth and provide opportunity and resources to boldly take the next steps on our professional paths. 

EP Communities Help You


It's easy to get stuck

behind a screen.

In EP Communities,

we encourage personal interactions because they enrich our lives!


You'll get great at

introducing yourself! 

At the start of every

EP meeting, we each introduce ourselves in the form of "I am." 


Dynamic and in-depth conservations are a highlight

of every EP meeting.

If you don't leave

full of ideas, we'd be surprised.

Why EP?

The name says it all.  Empowering Perspectives.


This group was founded for the sole purpose of helping people shift their focus from all they felt had lost to all they had actually gained - from all that could have been to all that can be.  


The EP founders - more than anything - wanted their fellow accompanying partners to truly see that every step they have taken along the way has been an incredibly powerful evolution.  Maybe we are not where we thought we would have been when we set out on this incredible life journey, but we certainly are now where we should be.  

To confidently embrace the present here and now is to be empowered. 

Why in person and not online?  Today, though we have more technological and communications capabilities than any time in human history, we are more disconnected than ever before.  Yes, there are countless online groups and networks we can join.  Not one of them will offer the same level of support and true connection than a regular in-person meet-up.  Therein lies the magic of EP.   


Rare is the realistic online persona.  Most of the time, we post only what we want others to see.  It is not our full and honest self. When we are in person, however, it takes courage to be who you really are, to state what you really want, to see and be seen as our whole self.  It is also where we have the great privilege to see others for who they are, to hear their true stories of success, and…the struggles that led them there. 


Having to introduce ourselves, articulate our aspirations and listen to those of others helps us gain clarity, build confidence and encourages an open sharing of resources.  


You might walk into an EP meeting full of trepidation, but we guarantee you will leave brimming with a renewed sense of self and purpose, confident in your ability to move forward.

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