Creating a logo takes time, and ours was no different. We wanted a logo that reflected the strength of our community, so if EP's stance looks familiar, it's because so many women in our communities embody the confident spirit of EP.


Just as every lasting thing has undergone an evolution, so too has our logo. Check out the story behind the development of the EP logo and how each element conveys what we believe.


Inspired by Harvard professor Amy Cuddy’s  research on power poses, the EP co-founders (especially Laura) are often seen striking the Wonder Woman stance. 


In an attempt to incorporate this innately empowering image into the logo of EP, we sketched a Wonder Woman-like figure.  


In the process, we saw a lowercase “ep” emerge in the figure’s arms and leg. WOW!


Quickly setting the literal version of Wonder Woman aside, we created an abstract of a human figure with further emphasis on the E and P, a one-legged version of the logo-to-be.  


Of course one leg would not do…we knew we needed to find our balance! 


By adding the second leg, our EP logo was complete.  All of the elements came together in a way that incorporated all that we stand for. 


A suggestion of the all-powerful Wonder Woman and our innate abilities; an arrow pointing us back, reminding us of all we have accomplished; a flag planting us where we are; and the stabilizing force of community to hold everything together.    

What We Believe


Arrow pointing backwards, for it is essential that we look to our past in order to figure out our future direction. 


The flag that we plant in each location, the symbol that we have arrived, that we are present, that we can conquer any challenge! 


The stability we receive from our community. It is what holds us up and allows us to stand proud. 


Life is cyclical, 

continuously changing.  No matter where you are in the world or your life, a growth mindset is the key to success.

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