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To See your Future, Look to your Past

Trying to figure out what next steps to take? Not sure how to move forward in your professional development? There are dozens of self-evaluation tests out there, though one of the best is one that requires only a pen, paper and the investment of time! Curious? Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Position your paper horizontally on a flat writing surface.

Step 2: Draw a straight line the length of the paper.

Step 3: Plot all of your proudest moments on the line.

Step 4: Plot all of your perceived failures on the line.

Step 5: Plot all of the major pivot points in your life.

Step 6: Add details! Who was with you during all of these events? Where were you? What skills were you using? What was it about those moments that made you feel proud/sad/ready for a change? What were you doing really well at that time? What did you need to work on more?

Step 7: Review and spot the common factors in all of the events on your timeline. You WILL see what I like to call your "golden threads" running through all of your proudest moments.

This Golden Sankofa bird is an African symbol that reminds us of this exact process! The bird's feet, planted firmly in the ground and facing forward, while the head is turned back, remembering the past. Consider the Sankofa as you try to navigate your way forward.


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