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Rosette Obedoza

Rosette describes herself as a “ trailing spouse armed with a laptop, sharp wit, and sense of humor.” Having lived in seven countries over the past two decades, she understands the demands of a highly mobile lifestyle and the challenges that come along with each transition.

Rosette identifies one of her biggest achievements is having built a preschool business on the island of Okinawa, Japan. Rosette has co-authored the book, Finding Your Voice: The Empowered and Assertive Woman published by PWN Books. This international book provides the tools for increased personal empowerment and assertiveness for women globally to stand up for themselves, increase their feelings of self-worth, teach women how to stop this bullying against women globally, and provide the steps to embracing the power of a woman.

As a remote global professional, she applies her expertise in workforce management and human relations in various cultural settings. She is currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia and enjoys exploring ‘off the beaten path’ adventures with her family.

Read more about Rosette on her website!


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