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When we look at that framed panoramic lake view in our living room we can't help thinking "I loved living there."

But did we?

Reviewing all components of our journey doesn't always reveal to be the best photograph along the way.

What if we show what is underneath?

Playback Theater is an original form of improvisational theater in which the audience tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot. Not primarily a therapeutic technique, it is reported to provide insight, catharsis, connection, and self-expression through telling stories and participating in enacting stories of others.

What is hidden? What do we want to reveal?

Moving can be distressing. And isolating. Here you are, on the road again. And yet, not an expert.

The thought of letting others know who you are today can be painful at first. Or messy. But sharing enables to substantively fill that future photograph of ours, with its equal part of joy and pain.


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