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Natalia Zilli

Hi, I'm Natalia! I'm from Argentina. I began my career in fitness in 2002 with studies of aerobics, step, gap, and personal training. I then started studying for a degree in Physical Education and trained in spinning, contemporary dance and Latin Rhythms. After obtaining my degree, I quickly obtained a position as the assistant to a teacher of expressive movement. Since then, I have expanded my portfolio to include a wide range of clients and physical fitness methods.

From 2009-2013, I worked in a gym as both a teacher and manager where I trained in Samba and Funky Rhythms. In addition to serving clients with paid gym memberships, I volunteered to promote physical fitness in low income neighborhoods.

In 2015, I moved to Spain and continued my fitness work. Two short years later, I moved to Vietnam and almost immediately began work as a Zumba and Spinning instructor. I also served as the Coordinator of 'Hola Hanoi,' a group of Latin people who are living in Hanoi. This was a great challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed.

With my friend and colleague, Naara, I am now running the Fitness Village Studio in Hanoi.


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