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Lucy Delbriel

I was born in France and have lived in Brazil, Portugal, Italy, and Vietnam. Moving to Hanoi four years ago meant interrupting my career on behalf of my husband's. As a new mother, far from family and friends, I struggled to reinvent myself. But with the support of the expat community in Hanoi, I was able to create and run a successful business. In 2017, I co-founded Empowering Perspectives. I recently moved to Lyon, a beautiful and vibrant city near the Alps. Inspired by my entrepreneurial adventure in Vietnam, leveraging my skills in Law and Finance, I decided to redirect my professional path. I am thrilled to be working for a business accelerator. I love listening to people's ideas, helping them structure their projects, and watching them grow. The people I met in Hanoi helped me to reclaim my professional identity. Communities have the power to inspire, encourage, and support. This is what I believe!


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