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'Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being' by Beth Cabrera

Happiness seems an elusive life pursuit. So fickle! Here one moment, gone the next. Once we have it, how do we hang onto it? Believe it or not, this book gives clear guidance on exactly what we can do TODAY to find and maintain a state of contentment and...dare I say

Author Beth Cabrera is an organizational psychologist whose speciality is well-being. In this powerfully written book, she summarizes years of research on and personal experience with a modern-day woman's struggle to care for herself and her family, noting that there are two main components of happiness - feeling good and doing good. When you can find a way to maximize both, therein lies your ability to thrive.

Through the use of powerful questions, real-life examples and detailed self-guided activities, Beth walks the reader through specific steps she can take to take better care of her whole self, clarify her values, and discover her purpose in life. Most notably, Beth reminds us that we always have a choice in how our life evolves. The sooner we choose a new perspective, the faster we will navigate our way to joy.

She ends the book discussing the importance of relationships, of personal connections with one another. For the Empowering Perspectives community, this book is an encapsulation of all that we stand for, all that we want for our community members, for ourselves and for each other.

This is one of very few works of non-fiction that once I began reading I could not put it down. Within a matter of hours, the book was dog-eared and highlighted and I myself felt lighter and more clear-headed.

Beth's final paragraph begins with, "Now is the time for you to stop reading and to start making progress." My recommendation - begin the next phase of your journey with this book!


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