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'Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results' by James Clear

Author James Clear has a remarkable life story. Growing up, James loved nothing more than baseball...and he was great at it! He had dreams of being a professional baseball player, but his life took a sudden turn when he was hit in the face with a baseball bat as a teenager. The injury caused such trauma to his brain that he quickly lost consciousness and the ability to breathe on his own. On his road to recovery, James took seemingly small actions that enabled him to make great progress.

Though he never did become a professional athlete, he notes: "Six years after I had been hit in the face by a baseball bat...I was selected as the top male athlete at Denison University and named to the ESPN Academic All-America team - an honor given to just thirty-three players across the country. By the time I graduated, I was listed in the school record books in eight different categories. That same year, I was awarded the university's highest academic honor, the President's Medal." The most important thing James notes about those accomplishments? They were proof that he had fulfilled his potential despite his many challenges.

From personal experiments with habits, James started documenting (and publishing!) his experiences. Over time, he gained the attention of major publications...and major league sports teams! In 2017, James launched The Habits Academy, that became the premier training platform for anyone who wanted to build better habits. This book is a culmination of James's life work, his life experiences. It is proof that tiny changes can make a difference.

Have a BIG habit you want to make (or break)? This is the book for you. Take the first small step toward accomplishing your next goal by reading the wise words of James Clear.


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