Reza Varzidehkar 



May 19  |  1:00pm



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What is your I AM?

I am connector, networker and a global citizen- who aims to work for a better world for all! 

What do you love about your EP city?

Everything is possible in Hanoi. A city which exudes energy which can be harnessed for anything you want.

How did you come to be here?

I came to where I am through conversations ( I also love to talk); each time taking the bold 'baby' steps to do something different. I also put myself in sometimes uncomfortable situations to learn and hopefully grow. Volunteering offered me space to gain confidence in doing new things.




What is your I AM?

I am a Journalist and a Communication Specialist who strongly believes in the power of Communication. 

What do you love about your EP city?

Hanoi is a very peaceful city, even with its motorbikes and traffic jams. It is a city where you can enjoy nice discoveries in every corner, walk in the narrow streets and also be delighted by a smoothie, a good Pho Bo or beer. Even if you don’t speak Vietnamese you can connect with people with only a smile. Hanoi is a very authentic city and has still many characteristics that are unique.

How did you come to be here?

The person that I am now is due to many circumstances of my life. First of all, I have to say that I have always felt and still feel that I am “a daughter of the world”. Yes, even if I am Argentinian and have all (or nearly) the cultural features of an Argentinian, the fact that I was born in Africa and lived in many countries make me feel, think and live in a different way. Secondly, I think that I am here because in each change and moving I have tried to be integrated, to learn, to work and be part of the society. I have lived intensively, accepting the adventures and converting my stay in each country in a positive challenging experience.

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